Why SPEKLAB®? We give you seven good reasons:

1 Highest Quality

SPEKLAB® aprons are made of the best quality leather. The apron itself is made of Nubuck and the tire leather tires. Nubuck leather is the honest, durable, top quality and most natural leather. For Nubuck one uses the most beautiful lower leather (upper leather skin). It is therefore possible that the life of the animal is still found in the skin in scars of insect bites, thorn scars and horns but also the neck wrinkles, coarse pores and pigment. Saddle leather is the strongest doctrine that exists.

2 Genuine handcrafted

Handcrafted by SPEKLAB® means that every apron is made one by one, in our own workshop and not produced in a sewing studio in Spain or India. The apron (and pocket) is cut out of a cow skin by means of a mold. After this, the mounting holes are punched out with a spindle and hollow pipe. Hereafter, the rigger leather straps, buckles and the logo are fastened by rivets and stamp to the apron. The apron is thoroughly checked, a label is attached and can be rolled up and packed.

3 Exclusive and unique

Online is the future. SPEKLAB® aprons are only sold through our webshop, ETSY shop and in limited numbers to a number of specially selected ‘small’ retailers. To ensure the quality and exclusivity of SPEKLAB®, we do not supply to wholesalers, department stores or large retailers. As a result, we can deliver better quality for a good price and have direct contact with our fans. In addition, shipping costs are (mostly) free and you can always contact us directly.

4 Timeless and tough

SPEKLAB® aprons are already real classics. The rough appearance indicates that wearing one is more than only an apron, it’s a Way of Life. It stands for a Burgundian lifestyle and nature in general. Enjoy life, but be respecfull for all that lives or has lived. A SPEKLAB® apron is rough, raw, simplistic and will only be more beautiful as it is used more frequently. And that makes a SPEKLAB® apron timeless.

5 Beautiful branding

Don’t you want a SPEKLAB® too? SPEKLAB® is more than a wink and a nice word game. It’s not just good to walk with SPEKLAB® on your apron, but it’s actually something else. SPEK (bacon) in Dutch stands for a Burgundian lifestyle and nature in general. Enjoy life, but with respect for all that lives or has lived. Lab is a laboratory in the creative sense of the word, true craft and quality. All our products are made with pleasure and zeal, of only the best material available.

6 Ecological footprint

We try to work as efficiently as possible with our teaching, and therefore we buy our lessons in small (rest) parties. We hope to limit our ecological footprint. As a result, some layers are limited or just slightly different. But that makes each apron unique and exclusive. In addition, SPEKLAB® products are durable. That is, the treatment of our leather is 100% organic and without chemical additives, which makes the leather sustainable and biodegradable. In addition, the aprons are very long.

7 The SPEKLAB feeling

Endless sultry summer evenings with friends and family around the barbecue. A smile from ear to ear when you get a nice steak on your plate. The first sip of ice cold beer. With all of them hanging around the BBQ on bar tables. That is the real SPEKLAB® feeling. Enjoy!!!