SPEKLAB, from Craftsman to Craftsman” is a collection of handcrafted rugged leather aprons for men and women. Check out all our aprons in our shop.

What we do

SPEKLAB is a collection of handcrafted leather (cowhide) aprons from the “Green Heart” of the Netherlands, specially made for tough men and women. Whether you are a BBQ dad, barista, pizza baker, butcher, farrier, gardener, or chef: “SPEKLAB, from craftsman to craftsman”.

Our essential collection of aprons consists of colours like cognac, caramel, camel, coal, concrete, forest, and navy. In addition, we also make customised aprons. Do you want to give that one unique gift to your father, or do you want to make your staff SPEKLAB-approved? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a customised product. You will also find additional products for your leather apron. Special SPEKLAB leather grease with beeswax keeps your apron smooth and as new.

About us

SPEKLAB was founded by cloths/shoe designer and barista Marieka Ratsma & marketeer and bartender Erwin Giezen. True Burgundian artisans from the “Green Heart” of the Netherlands with a preference for beautiful designs made from natural and durable materials. They have combined their love for craft, design, coffee, cocktails, beer, and good food in SPEKLAB‘s high-quality leather aprons.

SPEKLAB stands for Burgundian pleasure, true craft, quality, and durability straight from the “Green Heart”. The “SPEKLAB” name consists of a composition of the Dutch words for bacon and laboratory. SPEKLAP with a “p” at the end means a slice of bacon in Dutch.

Our motivations

SPEK (bacon) stands for a Burgundian lifestyle and nature in general. Enjoy life, but with respect for all that lives or has lived.

We strive to keep our products pure and close to nature. Therefore, the treatment of our leather is 100% organic and without chemical additives, which makes the leather sustainable and biodegradable.

LAB is a laboratory in the creative sense of the word, true craftsmanship and pure quality. All our products are made with pleasure and passion from only the best materials available. As a result, all our products are of high quality and fulfil us with great pride.

“SPEKLAB, from craftsman to craftsman”.