SPEKLAB | Leather grease with beeswax

1 jar (35 ml) SPEKLAB | Leather grease with beeswax. Leather grease is ideal for care and cleaning of your leather products. The beeswax has a caring and moisture retention effect. In short: SPEKLAB leather grease makes it flexible, easy to wear and lasts for years.

Leather grease
With SPEKLAB leather grease with beeswax you can maintain your leather apron regularly. Leather grease pulls well into the pores of the leather and keeps the leather smooth. You can carefully rub it in with a piece of cloth.

Super ingredient Beeswax
Building material from nature, is produced by the laundry glands of young bees for the construction of rats. After the honey has been harvested, the wax is melted. Because bees always produce new wax, the beeswax can be used for the honey creams. Beeswax is therefore a very important and renewable raw material from nature. Beeswax is a unique product with special properties and is not able to be madeby men, despite the numerous attempts by chemists. Beeswax is a complex combination of organic compounds and consists of Cerin, a mixture of Cerotine and Melissic acids, esters, multiple Oleic acids, various alcohols and vitamin A. Beeswax provides firmness and durability to the cream. Due to the vitamin A and antibiotic properties, beeswax has a skin protective and moisture retardant effect. It does not let coldness, wetness or wind pass. As a result, beeswax keeps the body heat and does not close the skin. The skin stays breathable.